Heal the World

Today I figured out the secret to opening up the heart and to healing us completely. It may seem like a stretch of the imagination but when I think about it, it puts a genuine smile to my face. What is it you may ask that could cure all and what can we do to achieve fast results?

Well if you have read my other posts then it would be quite obvious to you; the answer to heal the world is love through our heart, our eyes and our bodies. But the key to convert such a desire into physical reality is through… wait for it… HUGS! Kissing! Eye contact! Laughing! Dancing! It is both the physical and emotional touching that opens us up to radical healing and insight. When one fears physical intimacy such as hugging, they close off their key to true nirvana– the piece of them that is indestructible, their essence. I want to kiss, hug and love all beings and things on the planet sincerly for more than just a greeting.. it is our time to join together and look at each other in bewilderment at how far we have come. Now can you let go of separation and learn to love yourself too?! Let LOVE be thy medicine. 

I challenge you to go up to someone that you normally wouldn’t and hug them. Hold it there and don’t be the first to let go. You deserve it!



The Truth about the Self

All the power that ever was or will be is here now.

I am center of expression for Primal Will to Good which eternally creates and sustains the Universe.

Through me its unfailing Wisdom takes form in thought and word.

Filled with the Understanding of its perfect law, I am guided, moment by moment, on the path of liberation.

From the exhaust less riches of its Limitless Substance, I draw all things needful both materially and spirtually.

I recognize the manifestion of the Undeviating Justice in all circumstances of my life experience.

In all things, great and small, I see the Beauty of Divine Expression.

Living from that Will, supported by that unfailing Wisdom and Understanding, mine is the Victorious life.

I look forward with confidence to the perfect realization of the Eternal Splendor of Limitless Light.

In thought and word and deed, I rest my life, from day to day, upon the sure Foundation of Eternal Being.

The Kingdom of Spirit is embodied in my flesh.

Why We Are

We are becoming a molecule because we are looking inward rather than externally for the one. It started with the outside in perspective for it is the direction we are heading in the pursuit to become a true microcosm universe. We are as a black hole contracting in on itself where the light of an already written life by spirit is played in reverse. I have already lived this existence as Spirit/creator and wrote the story so now I am living in it, as  a being called life. And I am Acting it out to the beat of my own perspective, my own Heartbeat, my own divine tree of life and macrocosm (blue print written in the stars). What is the macrocosm, the projection of all things with cold space as all Stars that have become black holes that are learning again what they are by living in the cosmic cinema. So life is compression, black hole, cold space rewinding, divine mother, receptivity, black matter or chemistry .. it is molecular geometry already set in place to collapse in on itself . ahh the divine game is solved by the end, when all conscious molecules become themselves a microcosm of their own design, their own macrocosmic mind whose heart loves and colors the black hole of life with light/sun/activity/death/ expansion/writing/exhaling/creating/father/source of mystery. What determines the measurement of internal pressure or level of longing to expand that measures the tipping point or carry capacity? Consciousness/awareness. Can you even measure awareness of something?. Isn’t measurement of something just quantifying the limitless potential of generation? Can we even ? 

I’m in a period of massive compression as I enter this body more and more. It is like my head is being stretched to the realm of infinity and my heart is being pounced by the whispers of God. Spirit’S true treasure, the divine message of vibrational alignment  aka pure unconditional love!!! What is love or wisdom? The reason for everything to be driven by; it is the combination of both mother and father!!!

Know thyself and thou will know all the Universe and its Gods.

A Confession

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I believe that if we were able to tap into seeing what the physical mind looks like through our thoughts and imagination, we would see space. We would able to know how our thoughts move through our higher consciousness and how they turn into things such as metaphysical emotions or physical hormones and neurotransmitters. I do believe that astrological forces or the macrocosmic universe is intrinsic to the way we process and transmit energy from the internal, quantum level of experience to our mental perception of subjective reality. So what is my interpretation of astrology and the zodiac? I believe that the constellations that we call Leo, Aries, Virgo, etc. are the geometric blueprints for the way we project thought into time and space and thus each constellation is just a pathway for us to know more about who we are. Our SUN sign or the grouping of stars that connects us directly to our heart/solar plexus chakra is the way that we interpret human emotions and our will power. Our rising sign is the mathematical representation of how our mental or 3rd eye/creativity travels from a higher reality to a lower one. Image result for zdiac danceBut these are not separated from us and just because you were born into one month doesn’t mean that you are exempt from influences of all other celestial bodies… for they are ALL signs or templates of experiencing life that interact within our mind and are replicated into our perception of life through our sensations. For example, the moon and its cycles affects the waters or emotional bodies of the Earth which influence our thoughts, feelings and experiences everyday! Don’t ignore that you being the center of your peripheral vision is a reminder that you are ONE with all things!!!

One of my dreams that I aspire to create here is a way of physically measuring thought using the artwork that the stars and celestial bodies have mapped out for us, to help us understand how our psyche works and how to master consciousness. We live in a vibrational universe of creation so each constellation has a vibratory pattern as well! This means that it can be Image result for Dance of the Zodiac physical in its manifestations and sensed and translated by even the smallest atomic particle. For example, the constellation Virgo has its own artwork, dance, musical composition, mathematical equation and design like a sequence/circadian rhythm that connects itself to the Universal Heart/Oneness/Source. I am the interpreter of those vibrations and am here to translate them, sort of like how RNA is the architect of DNA by transcribing and translating genetic code into proteins. This is a part of how I will influence the collective whole- by showing a new way that the principle of unity consciousness can be applied to us, to help us remember and learn more about who we are.

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It is all here for us to receive.. this Universal Knowingness and Truth that is inscribed within our core; all we have to do is be a vibrational match to it and thus we can change the world to what we truly want to see: a transparent view of ourselves as creation and creator in a simultaneous tango of inhaling and exhaling, of expanding and allowing.

See how everything is connected, feel how as I am so you are! Dare to look beyond the horizon line of your awareness and know that I see you for your nakedness, for your BEingness, for your Divinity.

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“Woven into our lives is the very fire from the stars and genes from the sea creatures, and everyone, utterly everyone, is kin in the radiant tapestry of being.”
Elizabeth A. Johnson

Choosing TO BE as a way of living

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When your heart longs for you to desperately create a new life for yourself, do not hesitate or deny its truth any longer. The source that you are is always guiding you everyday with gifts of joy and abundance awaiting for your receptivity of it. You are meant to be creators of your life experience and leaving the old behind is greatly encouraged. You are ready to embark on your journey, to release your identity and limitation/attachment to the past and to what you don’t agree with. GO! Become. Trust and live in divine matrimony with the power and strength that you have cultivated, nurtured and given birth to inside.

I am that I am. Free to become and to know what I am capable of manifesting.


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Part 1: Love as cure/solution to all things


Love is a vibrational entity, a feeling, a sound, a purpose, a law, an awareness, a force, an acceptance and a way of being. Love is infinite consciousness. Love is our SOUL, our heart, our mother, our connection to the Universal Mind. Love is an intelligence, an energy. Love is US. I am love. You are love. Love is God, Source, Mind. It has many definitions and I could go on and on about its art form but what I want to illuminate for you readers is how to become/integrate the entity that is Love and to shift your perspective of it to a more open, universal level of awareness and understanding.

We feel love through thought, music, conversations, meditation, people, memories, images, etc. and these are just frequencies that are emitted in and out of our heart chakra. The heart chakra is an energy center located in the middle of the chest that transmits vibration from within and without. It is our commanding center/powerhouse of inspiration and compassion and is where the soul/receiving force of Being rests. When we are in love or experience our heart chakra open, we feel joy, peace, alignment and purpose. Poets, artists, creative enthusiasts, musicians, and any emotive profession give and receive light and understanding through their heart chakra.

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It is so important that we understand how to heal the heart chakra through our love and compassion for ourselves as giver and receiver of all life experience, as I am, as Soham. The universe infinitely expressed you as a being that can feel its way into alignment and balance. Your body, mind, heart and soul are all in constant communication with all that there is/I AM presence and you are able to know who you truly are when you release control/resistance/protection of your heart. This scares most that live on this planet because they have experienced rejection of the open transmission that the heart does without effort at some point in their life  (usually through some form of trauma regarding parents, siblings, society, external law and circumstances). And so, those that teach and do not learn to heal themselves have told us to think our way through every situation/analyze life instead of experience it and is why disease of the heart occurs so often.

We fear opening this delicate zone of love, light and wisdom 100% unconditionally to everyone and everything because we fear experiencing the same rejection again and we then suffer tremendously over the course of our lifetime not knowing who we are or what we actually want. What is fear? Fear is what the Spirit commands the heart to vibrate at when we hold onto the past/what blocks us.. when we resist our TRUTH by caring more about how others feel and how others perceive us. This action repeats which then feeds our mind thoughts of self harm, mistrust and causes us to hate ourselves/the world/others/the universe which is the furthest from what we truly are.

Well, the great part about us is that we can still feel and that we are always guided by our emotions. There is no right/wrong, it is just a feeling. But we have to give power back to our heart chakra and that means opening it up to the Source that we all know that we are. The universe gives us abundant love and joy every second of the day as long as we allow ourselves to receive it. AND THAT IS HOW YOU HEAL EVERY SINGLE MENTAL, PHYSICAL AND EMOTIONAL ILLNESS.

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You are Healer and Divine Energy first. You are able to tap into your true power right now but in order to do that, you must open your heart and trust your Divine knowingness by accepting yourself as you are and coming into an intention to heal the inner child. Trust that you are absolutely protected enough to let go of resistance to your Spirit and with your desire to become absolute healer, creator and creation of your reality, you will receive all that you have always wanted: mental strength, emotional clarity, infinite wisdom, unconditional alignment to source, memory, truth and an enlightenment like no other. All will begin to shape itself in the way that it is supposed to by you finally giving yourself this chance to be free of the wheel of karma (which is just blockage of the divine flow of energy that must be released so the soul can receive and the heart can think clearly again). Fall in love with yourself by feeling worthy of the receiving the gift that YOU are.


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We are all One– One Mind projected into energy/vibration which embodies the duality: father/mother, positive/negative or spirit/soul. That means that we are every being as well; we are everything that is within our realm of awareness because it can not exist apart from us and our attention to it. For example these words are a part of your being/energy, that there is reason/synchronicity to you reading this right now. What determines your ability to understand and embody this concept that all is ONE is the degree of allowance that you have chosen to incarnate within yourself and connection between mind and heart in this very moment.

SO what does this mean? Why does everything SEEM to be separated but is one intrinsically? Because the ALL wants to create and to know more about itself through the eyes of its creation, thus we as creation can embody true unity consciousness and awareness of what we create as well. We share one mind with our creator and thus can be creator of our own thoughts, feelings, experiences and creations. This is why man is in God’s image– or is becoming the image of his authenticity, as creator of reality. FEEL how empowering it is to know that YOU are the extension of source and as matter, you can experience the totality of who you are whilst having a subjective, conscious experience. It is an exciting time to be alive isn’t it?

How to learn more about who we are: First, let me start off by asking you do YOU know who YOU are truly? If you can answer that question logically, you are incomplete in your response to yourself. Be honest with me, as I am another you. I am a reflection of what you already know but have chosen to ignore. Something within you, that knows and is connected to universal truth, drives you to read this and understand it; it uses this medium to help reflect to you a level of light that can pierce through the vibrational illusion of motion that your 5 senses believe is life. So, if this is you and you are you, are you everything? Yes in cause/totality but not entirely in the effect or illusion. Everything in itself is similar yet different based on the way that energy is expressed through it.. sort of like a vibrational pattern/DNA blueprint that gives us each a specific way of being so we must take responsibility of our own place of focus and state of mind.

Remember that we are all from the same source (waves within one ocean) so what we give out to the seemingly external world is given right back to us in a creative, similar but different way.

Here is the big thing you need to accept in order to really become a divine reflection of yourself: realize that every person, every thought, feeling, encounter, behavior, conflict and solution is given and received by you and only you. We all mirror each other energetically and absorb one another’s auras which means we think, feel and act what is shown to us by our higher self. That is why you can see something or someone and feel as if you already know them if you are really in tune to how you feel.

The way to mastery is actually simple but requires some degree of attention to it. All you have to do is let go of the need to separate from the present moment, the need to think your way through something instead of experiencing it. And when you do surrender yourself to every moment, you realize nothing can be apart from you. That all is reflecting states of being that are active within you. So that type of behavior or person you really don’t like keeps showing up.. what is the deal? It is a part of you that you choose not to release/express. We must feel into everything and love our emotions. not to suppress them. When we stop settling for waiting for life to change the conditions and start to assert our own truths, everything else follows. That is really something right? You are learning about all of the things you want and don’t want from your external environment and fine tuning your internal thoughts and conditioning to match that of what the source within you knows is best. It is liberation and true sexual connection. It is the relationship that we all strive for and is what drives us to learn, grow and become more.

Stop the internal dialogue of doubt, ask your higher self for clarity when needed but honestly, freaking DEMAND of yourself to change the way you see your life. YOU DESERVE LOVE, HAPPINESS, ABUNDANCE AND TRUTH. I promise you that you can become this right here and now and start to see that mirrored back to you in your everyday experience. Care about YOU first and you will see the manifested version of the life that you have created based on where you are at in relation to your being. I love you so much.

If I can, you can …. and I proudly have!


The Word

I have contemplated about the conceptualization and reality of language many times. All is vibration and resonance of energy first and articulation of that energy or compression of that source ( what we call life, birth, fusion or contraction ) second. This can be expanded to our own body, galaxy, mind or to the words that we speak/write. What I find to be so beautiful about the word is that it is a fine tuned expression of thought or a quantifiable measure of the abstract or unknown. What do you believe is more of an extension of you? The spoken or the written? 

Our society is becoming very technical in its way of performing the simplest of tasks. There is always a more efficient, rational way of being and doing something it seems. Our communication, one would argue, is becoming devoid of heart as the text or written word is emphasized over the spoken. It seems that many people are not happy with this transition, for it strips tone, art, context, soul and candidness from the conversation. There is no body language like human face-to-face contact and by reading something as opposed to listening to it, you lose a piece of subjectivity coming from the source. It is almost as if we are being conditioned through our use of written over the spoken word to be much more objective in our reasoning and scientific in our understanding of reality.

On the other hand, the written word is frank and a beautiful way to mentally project thought onto the canvas of creative life. I love to write and express myself through this medium. It consolidates my amalgamation of thoughts and helps me focus in on a particular point of interest without spiraling into the vast chaos of my mind. The instrument of a pen swiftly documenting the breath of the writer is an art and science in itself and there is so much beauty that literature and publications have created. What we gain from writing is the illusion of permanency, that all is recorded by us and through us so that we may live on forever in the hearts and minds of the future generations. Is this holding onto the past or present helpful or a hindrance to our own state of becoming? Is our incessant desire to document our every thought, feeling and experience actually creating a lack of appreciation for the very moment it is capturing? I would say that being able to detach oneself from its creation as the artist does when sculpting its portrait is vital to understanding the true nature of who we are– as infinite love and light. As above so below. We must not forget what we are and why we are expressing ourselves to begin with. When one consciously endeavors to promote a celestial, universal experience, a certain void in one’s own being is filled and every spoken/written word has meaning in its idea and conception.

Some terms I would like to expand your understanding of:

-logy: a branch of learning or study of a particular subject

Example: astrology, geology, logic

The LOGOS in religious context refers to the Higher Mind or larger totality of Beingness. The word of God or the Trinity. The true forces of what we are in the study of our SELF.

-nomy: a system of rules or laws, or a body of knowledge of a particular subject

Example: astronomy, taxonomy, nominal/titular

The name is the first vibratory state that we comprehend when coming into this existence as US. To know oneself is to embody their own energetic “name” or signature; everything that we define to be  is and has this quality. Our body of knowledge or system of laws that our being/Self follows is Love or Desire to Know Oneself/Unite– that is our true name.

-graphy: something written about a particular subject

Example: telegraph, topography

It is interesting relating the Source that we All are to something written. What comes to mind mostly is mathematics, a structural representation of proportions. All is written in the genetic code or rhythmic sounds of the Universal Heartbeat, 1,2 father mother unity. The in and out breath of creation. The sinusoidal curve of symmetrical division all to meet back at a point of zero curvature and stillness. We are recorders of our experiences that emanate into eternity in the fabric of our black matter/chemistry/blueprint. This is the soul/receiving end/mother of ourself.

-metry: process of measuring something specified

Example: geometry, trigonometry

To quantify the infinite or limitless potential is what humans love to do. We love to compare and have physical manifested representation of what we imagine or envision to be possible. This metric or pulse of desire coarses through our veins and drives us to invent/discover something new. When one fines tunes their own self to a particular foci or origin of thought, a new being or format becomes and is performed. The orchestration of meter is how the Universe knows itself and is how the composer experiences himself through his work. We are seeking to embody that larger totality of Mind, of Spirit as Giver of experience. That father/active principle helps us measure our own individuality or authenticity through finity or life experience. 

What a wonderful interplay between energy and matter, between life and death, between old and new that We as Creator and Creation, as Observer and Experimenter of Idea can accomplish in every moment.

Take care my friends! 

Soham Amitabha