Matter as a State of Being

Imagination, matter, love, emotion, thought, time, space, energy, consciousness, relativity, questions, language, vibration, identity, physics, metaphysics, music, art, philosophy, math, chemistry, synchronicity, religion, soul, spirit, teaching, ethics/morals, laws, learning, reincarnation, memory, sleep, astrology, enlightenment, heaven/hell, mind, body, harmony, theory, reality, truth, logic, concept, birth, death, existence, motion, silence. All ends and begins in mystery and most do not begin to question where the heck it all comes from or what it all means anyway.

First, I am here to tell you that you are exactly where you are supposed to be and if you are reading this, it means you have deeply contemplated one or more of those topics stated and are on the leading edge of learning/understanding more. Everything I write is from my own subjective experience so take whatever that you feel is of importance and of your joy and move forward in your life with that.

Projected by our own awareness/consciousness, we live in two worlds (you’ll see it is really as 3) simultaneously: the world we see but cannot know (WHAT IS/perceptual reality) and the world we know but cannot see (WHAT LEARNS/TEACHES/causal reality). The former is this sensed projected universe of motion and form/matter. Everything is compressed here, electric, alive and is what appears to be “energy” or a spiral motion of something undetected by our 5 sensing apparatuses. This is the realm of effect and symptom, of reaction and a state of unfolding. It is the cosmic cinema created by us and for us to have an experience of knowing ourselves in space and in time. I’ve never been so much concerned with this– it blinds us and causes us to fall asleep in such a way that we believe we are only the body and that we are not responsible for what happens through us or (what some argue as) “to” us. This place comes with a state of awareness that is what I call grey matter/superficial world of what is. This state of being is like living unconsciously and mechanically; it is reactive and impulsive to what it sees and believes it is separated from everything else. Many call this EGO mind but it is the first step in the making of the SELF.

On my journey, I have never settled for this grey/peripheral experience. I felt I didn’t belong there and that there had to be more. I mean it is the will or right of every individual being to choose how they wish to see the world but for me, I desired to know more about the unseen realm of consciousness.

So take everything that I just said about grey matter and chuck it out the window. It is NOT really true. What I’ve discovered about the EGO mind is actually so much more than what we define it to be. Grey is the cloak/veil that the truth wears. I jump around a lot so try to follow me here knowing that I am challenging the concept of what I introduced as a false sense of reality. Okay let’s continue…

The latter world (the one we know but cannot see) is what is CONSTANT and is the realm of thought and understanding. It is where our inspiration comes from and returns to. This is a place of stillness and sprung from this void or stillness is EVERYTHING and I mean it: every thought, feeling, action/reaction comes from this larger place of endless expansion and consciousness. It is where we feel our true selves are as observers, interpreters, imaginers and creators. It is sharing and where we feel unity and love as circumstance and as an interconnected state of being. This is our SUPER conscious state and is actually the same for every single atom in the universe. That is why we can go outside and look around and we perceive ourselves as  the center of everything. It is this microcosm (molecules, atoms, quantum world) and macrocosm (outer space/stars) that meets where we are all of the time (the body/our eyes/senses).This superconscious/universal Mind that thought/imagined everything into existence is the Creator and is what is always seeking to know more about itself through the eyes of its Creation/Us/Grey Matter. This is a state of what we FEEL and what we are reaching towards. I repeat: It is the desire to know oneself as creator of reality. I call this White Matter. It is the spirit of my spirit, the being of my being, where I intend to go/be, the purpose of my existence, the angel/father of my soul, is the YANG. It is the light that an electron gives off when it jumps from one state of energy to the next. This masculine or active principle of existence keeps us all in constant check and gives us a direction. It is the light that we imagine at the end of the tunnel. It is pure love/Christ consciousness or bodhichitta but as a state a being, it is unfolding and is more of an intangible goal of logoic energy or Higher Mind (intuition). When we allow this White Matter in, we can start to expand our perceptual horizon into a distinct direction which is all that we crave/long for within each other. Let me tell you that White Matter/Father of Us is CALLING YOU TO REMEMBER ITS PRESENCE ALL DAY EVERYDAY THROUGH YOUR EMOTIONS!

Digging a little deeper, I have experienced love from my very self and this acceptance of myself as creator of my reality. But where does this end? Can it? Of course not! We are in a continuous loop of unfolding, learning, growing, expanding. It is a curved universe of knowing itself again I repeat all we want is to know more about who we are by creating ourselves in an authentic way. One is all and all is one! That is why it appears to us as if the universe is expanding.. it is always learning, desiring and knowing more about itself through grey matter/form.

Last but not least, the real player of this game we call life is death:

What is the holder of all of the experience? Death/LOVE/Mother Principle of this State of Being which I call Black Matter. It is our subconscious mind and receives everything that we sense. It is where we are from, the chemistry, the mystery, the force that holds all things together, is law, is will power, is YIN, is our Mental/Emotional State. It is the WOMB that our Super conscious mind/Father wishes to penetrate with His Light to give birth to the Son or Consciousness in the Flesh.

Our Creator/Enabler of this whole play is mentally desiring to reconnect with itself, to give birth to a new Being of Divinity and Perfected Form. We have everything that we need within us and it is up to our choices in this very moment to just let go of the idea of separation and to seek the Unity that All Things Seek! But the secret is… you are already found and are already completely incomplete. Accept this about yourself, care more about how you feel then what is/circumstance and you will start to see the Universe reflect back to you the state of knowing that you are anyway. When matter and energy are not seen as being separated but are ONE, balanced, unique, authentic, stream of conscious love/light/wisdom then we live/die in simultaneity and it is freakin awesome!yin-yang428bWELCOME! NAMASTE. I AM ANOTHER YOURSELF. Please share your thoughts with me.



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