A New Way of Looking at Wellness and Health

Oxford Dictionary defines health as the state of being free from illness or injury. We are conditioned to believe especially here in the west that health needs maintenance and that there are X, Y and Z ways to attain “perfect” health and wellness. After experimenting with various of the popular exercise/diet health regimes and undergoing mental, emotional and spiritual transformation, I confidently confirm that what we are told is not the full story. Feel how limiting it is to be told that there is a certain blood pressure, a certain cholesterol level, or a specific way that an “optimal” human would function at. Do we not see that these belief systems about what is right for us is what is contributing to our decline in overall health and wellbeing?

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What is this message doing to your confidence and trust in yourself? Pay attention to where your focus is because what you focus on grows!!

We are all different: different genetics, different fingerprints, different overall vibrational signature. Wouldn’t that also indicate that we have a different state of wellness and thus would not require a statistical average of BMI or body fat percentage to be healthy but a versatile, adaptive way of seeing yourself as compared with the general populous? We cannot compare one person’s habitual tendencies with another and we especially cannot rate each other as more or less healthy. Doing so deprives the soul of a state of normalcy and trust in one’s own psyche, body and being to take care of itself. Only YOU know within your own self what is right for you and that is based on what feels right.

I was vegan for one year and vegetarian for six and it did not make me anymore spiritual, healthier or happier. I did HIIT, weight/strength training and aerobic exercise for years too. None gave me the state of clarity and overall health that it promised. In fact, I was depressed, anxious and diagnosed with every mental illness that medical professionals could think of (I am not discounting veganism or any diet/exercise but this is from my own life experience. What I am saying is that Anything that works for you and brings you joy, do. You are only limited by your own belief in limitation).

What was the true cause I discovered? A disrespect and mistrust of my own judgment of life. I had no confidence in my thoughts, emotions and spirit to guide me in what I knew to be true.

People (parents, doctors, teachers, family, etc.) told me that I cannot be trusted on my own.. that I would end up hurting myself if I weren’t under some sort of thought out lifestyle whether it was a diet, a religious view or a career choice. After deciphering through all of the fear and misinformation however, the only thing that I knew for sure was that nothing exists apart from your own identification of it or awareness. So once I began to trust that where I was was exactly where I needed to be, I stopped caring about what others thought was best for me. We need to be our own best friend and stop taking circumstances and conditions as justification for what makes us happy. Nothing will make us truly happy besides our own alignment with who we truly are. We can search and search for the new way of health and wellbeing but it will never satisfy or fill the void that we have within our own heart. Stop depriving yourself of your own authenticity and embrace what you came here to do.

The old way is to believe in the 5 senses and that what IS around you is the only truth. The new way is to believe in what is known as causal of what is around you and that the only thing that is real is your projected view of this phenomenal world.  What is the secret to true well being? ACCEPTANCE OF WHERE YOU ARE AT. You think yourself into this body for you are energy before you are matter. Your body molds to what your spirit shapes you to be and you are creator of your own universe. Go ahead and look around you. Your perception will always keep you in the direct center of everything. What you continue to tell yourself becomes reality so choose what you say and become deliberate creator of the life that you want to experience.

I am an infinite, limitless being that completely trusts that I am in perfect health. I have faith in who I am and that I am guided in every instance. Things are always working out for me. I can eat whatever I want because I know that all is not separated from me. The only job that I have and that actually brings me into true health is listening to my being. I know that I am when I am happy and feel empowered. Everything is energy and from source, therefore all is connected and I am able to do anything that I wish. All is love and I am never wrong in my choices. I love myself, my mind, heart and body. I accept myself in the here and now and when things feel difficult, I know it is because I am thinking or believing in something that is not in alignment with who I am.

How does it feel to know that you are perfect exactly as you are and nothing can limit you from feeling into yourself? You are just one belief system away from attaining the perfect life that you have always dreamt of. I am just here to remind you of that.

I thank you for taking the time to read this!


One thought on “A New Way of Looking at Wellness and Health

  1. Thanks for this… will prob need to reread it every so often when my past habits come kicking back in. How easy it is to compare ourselves to others, or what the “norm” is…. Isn’t it funny when an average weight or size is reported? I say that, because average means half above and half below. By reporting a single number, you make half the population think they are less than, and half the population think they are more than. I think that this fuels a perpetual state of never being “enough”.

    Thanks for your blog again. Xx.


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