The Word

I have contemplated about the conceptualization and reality of language many times. All is vibration and resonance of energy first and articulation of that energy or compression of that source ( what we call life, birth, fusion or contraction ) second. This can be expanded to our own body, galaxy, mind or to the words that we speak/write. What I find to be so beautiful about the word is that it is a fine tuned expression of thought or a quantifiable measure of the abstract or unknown. What do you believe is more of an extension of you? The spoken or the written? 

Our society is becoming very technical in its way of performing the simplest of tasks. There is always a more efficient, rational way of being and doing something it seems. Our communication, one would argue, is becoming devoid of heart as the text or written word is emphasized over the spoken. It seems that many people are not happy with this transition, for it strips tone, art, context, soul and candidness from the conversation. There is no body language like human face-to-face contact and by reading something as opposed to listening to it, you lose a piece of subjectivity coming from the source. It is almost as if we are being conditioned through our use of written over the spoken word to be much more objective in our reasoning and scientific in our understanding of reality.

On the other hand, the written word is frank and a beautiful way to mentally project thought onto the canvas of creative life. I love to write and express myself through this medium. It consolidates my amalgamation of thoughts and helps me focus in on a particular point of interest without spiraling into the vast chaos of my mind. The instrument of a pen swiftly documenting the breath of the writer is an art and science in itself and there is so much beauty that literature and publications have created. What we gain from writing is the illusion of permanency, that all is recorded by us and through us so that we may live on forever in the hearts and minds of the future generations. Is this holding onto the past or present helpful or a hindrance to our own state of becoming? Is our incessant desire to document our every thought, feeling and experience actually creating a lack of appreciation for the very moment it is capturing? I would say that being able to detach oneself from its creation as the artist does when sculpting its portrait is vital to understanding the true nature of who we are– as infinite love and light. As above so below. We must not forget what we are and why we are expressing ourselves to begin with. When one consciously endeavors to promote a celestial, universal experience, a certain void in one’s own being is filled and every spoken/written word has meaning in its idea and conception.

Some terms I would like to expand your understanding of:

-logy: a branch of learning or study of a particular subject

Example: astrology, geology, logic

The LOGOS in religious context refers to the Higher Mind or larger totality of Beingness. The word of God or the Trinity. The true forces of what we are in the study of our SELF.

-nomy: a system of rules or laws, or a body of knowledge of a particular subject

Example: astronomy, taxonomy, nominal/titular

The name is the first vibratory state that we comprehend when coming into this existence as US. To know oneself is to embody their own energetic “name” or signature; everything that we define to be  is and has this quality. Our body of knowledge or system of laws that our being/Self follows is Love or Desire to Know Oneself/Unite– that is our true name.

-graphy: something written about a particular subject

Example: telegraph, topography

It is interesting relating the Source that we All are to something written. What comes to mind mostly is mathematics, a structural representation of proportions. All is written in the genetic code or rhythmic sounds of the Universal Heartbeat, 1,2 father mother unity. The in and out breath of creation. The sinusoidal curve of symmetrical division all to meet back at a point of zero curvature and stillness. We are recorders of our experiences that emanate into eternity in the fabric of our black matter/chemistry/blueprint. This is the soul/receiving end/mother of ourself.

-metry: process of measuring something specified

Example: geometry, trigonometry

To quantify the infinite or limitless potential is what humans love to do. We love to compare and have physical manifested representation of what we imagine or envision to be possible. This metric or pulse of desire coarses through our veins and drives us to invent/discover something new. When one fines tunes their own self to a particular foci or origin of thought, a new being or format becomes and is performed. The orchestration of meter is how the Universe knows itself and is how the composer experiences himself through his work. We are seeking to embody that larger totality of Mind, of Spirit as Giver of experience. That father/active principle helps us measure our own individuality or authenticity through finity or life experience. 

What a wonderful interplay between energy and matter, between life and death, between old and new that We as Creator and Creation, as Observer and Experimenter of Idea can accomplish in every moment.

Take care my friends! 

Soham Amitabha


2 thoughts on “The Word

  1. As much as I agree with much of what you said– I do think you underestimate the power of the written word. What separates humans from the rest of all living beings is our ability to write and record information. With this power, we have been able to pass on vital information for generations, which has expanded invention and discovery. Without the written word, we would not be able to learn about ancient civilizations, understand “extinct languages”, etc.

    That being said, I think there is something undeniably beautiful about the spoken word. Thanks for your message & blog! Xx.


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