We are all One– One Mind projected into energy/vibration which embodies the duality: father/mother, positive/negative or spirit/soul. That means that we are every being as well; we are everything that is within our realm of awareness because it can not exist apart from us and our attention to it. For example these words are a part of your being/energy, that there is reason/synchronicity to you reading this right now. What determines your ability to understand and embody this concept that all is ONE is the degree of allowance that you have chosen to incarnate within yourself and connection between mind and heart in this very moment.

SO what does this mean? Why does everything SEEM to be separated but is one intrinsically? Because the ALL wants to create and to know more about itself through the eyes of its creation, thus we as creation can embody true unity consciousness and awareness of what we create as well. We share one mind with our creator and thus can be creator of our own thoughts, feelings, experiences and creations. This is why man is in God’s image– or is becoming the image of his authenticity, as creator of reality. FEEL how empowering it is to know that YOU are the extension of source and as matter, you can experience the totality of who you are whilst having a subjective, conscious experience. It is an exciting time to be alive isn’t it?

How to learn more about who we are: First, let me start off by asking you do YOU know who YOU are truly? If you can answer that question logically, you are incomplete in your response to yourself. Be honest with me, as I am another you. I am a reflection of what you already know but have chosen to ignore. Something within you, that knows and is connected to universal truth, drives you to read this and understand it; it uses this medium to help reflect to you a level of light that can pierce through the vibrational illusion of motion that your 5 senses believe is life. So, if this is you and you are you, are you everything? Yes in cause/totality but not entirely in the effect or illusion. Everything in itself is similar yet different based on the way that energy is expressed through it.. sort of like a vibrational pattern/DNA blueprint that gives us each a specific way of being so we must take responsibility of our own place of focus and state of mind.

Remember that we are all from the same source (waves within one ocean) so what we give out to the seemingly external world is given right back to us in a creative, similar but different way.

Here is the big thing you need to accept in order to really become a divine reflection of yourself: realize that every person, every thought, feeling, encounter, behavior, conflict and solution is given and received by you and only you. We all mirror each other energetically and absorb one another’s auras which means we think, feel and act what is shown to us by our higher self. That is why you can see something or someone and feel as if you already know them if you are really in tune to how you feel.

The way to mastery is actually simple but requires some degree of attention to it. All you have to do is let go of the need to separate from the present moment, the need to think your way through something instead of experiencing it. And when you do surrender yourself to every moment, you realize nothing can be apart from you. That all is reflecting states of being that are active within you. So that type of behavior or person you really don’t like keeps showing up.. what is the deal? It is a part of you that you choose not to release/express. We must feel into everything and love our emotions. not to suppress them. When we stop settling for waiting for life to change the conditions and start to assert our own truths, everything else follows. That is really something right? You are learning about all of the things you want and don’t want from your external environment and fine tuning your internal thoughts and conditioning to match that of what the source within you knows is best. It is liberation and true sexual connection. It is the relationship that we all strive for and is what drives us to learn, grow and become more.

Stop the internal dialogue of doubt, ask your higher self for clarity when needed but honestly, freaking DEMAND of yourself to change the way you see your life. YOU DESERVE LOVE, HAPPINESS, ABUNDANCE AND TRUTH. I promise you that you can become this right here and now and start to see that mirrored back to you in your everyday experience. Care about YOU first and you will see the manifested version of the life that you have created based on where you are at in relation to your being. I love you so much.

If I can, you can …. and I proudly have!



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