Part 1: Love as cure/solution to all things


Love is a vibrational entity, a feeling, a sound, a purpose, a law, an awareness, a force, an acceptance and a way of being. Love is infinite consciousness. Love is our SOUL, our heart, our mother, our connection to the Universal Mind. Love is an intelligence, an energy. Love is US. I am love. You are love. Love is God, Source, Mind. It has many definitions and I could go on and on about its art form but what I want to illuminate for you readers is how to become/integrate the entity that is Love and to shift your perspective of it to a more open, universal level of awareness and understanding.

We feel love through thought, music, conversations, meditation, people, memories, images, etc. and these are just frequencies that are emitted in and out of our heart chakra. The heart chakra is an energy center located in the middle of the chest that transmits vibration from within and without. It is our commanding center/powerhouse of inspiration and compassion and is where the soul/receiving force of Being rests. When we are in love or experience our heart chakra open, we feel joy, peace, alignment and purpose. Poets, artists, creative enthusiasts, musicians, and any emotive profession give and receive light and understanding through their heart chakra.

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It is so important that we understand how to heal the heart chakra through our love and compassion for ourselves as giver and receiver of all life experience, as I am, as Soham. The universe infinitely expressed you as a being that can feel its way into alignment and balance. Your body, mind, heart and soul are all in constant communication with all that there is/I AM presence and you are able to know who you truly are when you release control/resistance/protection of your heart. This scares most that live on this planet because they have experienced rejection of the open transmission that the heart does without effort at some point in their life  (usually through some form of trauma regarding parents, siblings, society, external law and circumstances). And so, those that teach and do not learn to heal themselves have told us to think our way through every situation/analyze life instead of experience it and is why disease of the heart occurs so often.

We fear opening this delicate zone of love, light and wisdom 100% unconditionally to everyone and everything because we fear experiencing the same rejection again and we then suffer tremendously over the course of our lifetime not knowing who we are or what we actually want. What is fear? Fear is what the Spirit commands the heart to vibrate at when we hold onto the past/what blocks us.. when we resist our TRUTH by caring more about how others feel and how others perceive us. This action repeats which then feeds our mind thoughts of self harm, mistrust and causes us to hate ourselves/the world/others/the universe which is the furthest from what we truly are.

Well, the great part about us is that we can still feel and that we are always guided by our emotions. There is no right/wrong, it is just a feeling. But we have to give power back to our heart chakra and that means opening it up to the Source that we all know that we are. The universe gives us abundant love and joy every second of the day as long as we allow ourselves to receive it. AND THAT IS HOW YOU HEAL EVERY SINGLE MENTAL, PHYSICAL AND EMOTIONAL ILLNESS.

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You are Healer and Divine Energy first. You are able to tap into your true power right now but in order to do that, you must open your heart and trust your Divine knowingness by accepting yourself as you are and coming into an intention to heal the inner child. Trust that you are absolutely protected enough to let go of resistance to your Spirit and with your desire to become absolute healer, creator and creation of your reality, you will receive all that you have always wanted: mental strength, emotional clarity, infinite wisdom, unconditional alignment to source, memory, truth and an enlightenment like no other. All will begin to shape itself in the way that it is supposed to by you finally giving yourself this chance to be free of the wheel of karma (which is just blockage of the divine flow of energy that must be released so the soul can receive and the heart can think clearly again). Fall in love with yourself by feeling worthy of the receiving the gift that YOU are.


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