A Confession

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I believe that if we were able to tap into seeing what the physical mind looks like through our thoughts and imagination, we would see space. We would able to know how our thoughts move through our higher consciousness and how they turn into things such as metaphysical emotions or physical hormones and neurotransmitters. I do believe that astrological forces or the macrocosmic universe is intrinsic to the way we process and transmit energy from the internal, quantum level of experience to our mental perception of subjective reality. So what is my interpretation of astrology and the zodiac? I believe that the constellations that we call Leo, Aries, Virgo, etc. are the geometric blueprints for the way we project thought into time and space and thus each constellation is just a pathway for us to know more about who we are. Our SUN sign or the grouping of stars that connects us directly to our heart/solar plexus chakra is the way that we interpret human emotions and our will power. Our rising sign is the mathematical representation of how our mental or 3rd eye/creativity travels from a higher reality to a lower one. Image result for zdiac danceBut these are not separated from us and just because you were born into one month doesn’t mean that you are exempt from influences of all other celestial bodies… for they are ALL signs or templates of experiencing life that interact within our mind and are replicated into our perception of life through our sensations. For example, the moon and its cycles affects the waters or emotional bodies of the Earth which influence our thoughts, feelings and experiences everyday! Don’t ignore that you being the center of your peripheral vision is a reminder that you are ONE with all things!!!

One of my dreams that I aspire to create here is a way of physically measuring thought using the artwork that the stars and celestial bodies have mapped out for us, to help us understand how our psyche works and how to master consciousness. We live in a vibrational universe of creation so each constellation has a vibratory pattern as well! This means that it can be Image result for Dance of the Zodiac physical in its manifestations and sensed and translated by even the smallest atomic particle. For example, the constellation Virgo has its own artwork, dance, musical composition, mathematical equation and design like a sequence/circadian rhythm that connects itself to the Universal Heart/Oneness/Source. I am the interpreter of those vibrations and am here to translate them, sort of like how RNA is the architect of DNA by transcribing and translating genetic code into proteins. This is a part of how I will influence the collective whole- by showing a new way that the principle of unity consciousness can be applied to us, to help us remember and learn more about who we are.

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It is all here for us to receive.. this Universal Knowingness and Truth that is inscribed within our core; all we have to do is be a vibrational match to it and thus we can change the world to what we truly want to see: a transparent view of ourselves as creation and creator in a simultaneous tango of inhaling and exhaling, of expanding and allowing.

See how everything is connected, feel how as I am so you are! Dare to look beyond the horizon line of your awareness and know that I see you for your nakedness, for your BEingness, for your Divinity.

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“Woven into our lives is the very fire from the stars and genes from the sea creatures, and everyone, utterly everyone, is kin in the radiant tapestry of being.”
Elizabeth A. Johnson


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