Why We Are

We are becoming a molecule because we are looking inward rather than externally for the one. It started with the outside in perspective for it is the direction we are heading in the pursuit to become a true microcosm universe. We are as a black hole contracting in on itself where the light of an already written life by spirit is played in reverse. I have already lived this existence as Spirit/creator and wrote the story so now I am living in it, as  a being called life. And I am Acting it out to the beat of my own perspective, my own Heartbeat, my own divine tree of life and macrocosm (blue print written in the stars). What is the macrocosm, the projection of all things with cold space as all Stars that have become black holes that are learning again what they are by living in the cosmic cinema. So life is compression, black hole, cold space rewinding, divine mother, receptivity, black matter or chemistry .. it is molecular geometry already set in place to collapse in on itself . ahh the divine game is solved by the end, when all conscious molecules become themselves a microcosm of their own design, their own macrocosmic mind whose heart loves and colors the black hole of life with light/sun/activity/death/ expansion/writing/exhaling/creating/father/source of mystery. What determines the measurement of internal pressure or level of longing to expand that measures the tipping point or carry capacity? Consciousness/awareness. Can you even measure awareness of something?. Isn’t measurement of something just quantifying the limitless potential of generation? Can we even ? 

I’m in a period of massive compression as I enter this body more and more. It is like my head is being stretched to the realm of infinity and my heart is being pounced by the whispers of God. Spirit’S true treasure, the divine message of vibrational alignment  aka pure unconditional love!!! What is love or wisdom? The reason for everything to be driven by; it is the combination of both mother and father!!!

Know thyself and thou will know all the Universe and its Gods.


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