Heal the World

Today I figured out the secret to opening up the heart and to healing us completely. It may seem like a stretch of the imagination but when I think about it, it puts a genuine smile to my face. What is it you may ask that could cure all and what can we do to achieve fast results?

Well if you have read my other posts then it would be quite obvious to you; the answer to heal the world is love through our heart, our eyes and our bodies. But the key to convert such a desire into physical reality is through… wait for it… HUGS! Kissing! Eye contact! Laughing! Dancing! It is both the physical and emotional touching that opens us up to radical healing and insight. When one fears physical intimacy such as hugging, they close off their key to true nirvana– the piece of them that is indestructible, their essence. I want to kiss, hug and love all beings and things on the planet sincerly for more than just a greeting.. it is our time to join together and look at each other in bewilderment at how far we have come. Now can you let go of separation and learn to love yourself too?! Let LOVE be thy medicine. 

I challenge you to go up to someone that you normally wouldn’t and hug them. Hold it there and don’t be the first to let go. You deserve it!



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