A New Way of Looking at Wellness and Health

Oxford Dictionary defines health as the state of being free from illness or injury. We are conditioned to believe especially here in the west that health needs maintenance and that there are X, Y and Z ways to attain “perfect” health and wellness. After experimenting with various of the popular exercise/diet health regimes and undergoing mental, emotional and spiritual transformation, I confidently confirm that what we are told is not the full story. Feel how limiting it is to be told that there is a certain blood pressure, a certain cholesterol level, or a specific way that an “optimal” human would function at. Do we not see that these belief systems about what is right for us is what is contributing to our decline in overall health and wellbeing?

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What is this message doing to your confidence and trust in yourself? Pay attention to where your focus is because what you focus on grows!!

We are all different: different genetics, different fingerprints, different overall vibrational signature. Wouldn’t that also indicate that we have a different state of wellness and thus would not require a statistical average of BMI or body fat percentage to be healthy but a versatile, adaptive way of seeing yourself as compared with the general populous? We cannot compare one person’s habitual tendencies with another and we especially cannot rate each other as more or less healthy. Doing so deprives the soul of a state of normalcy and trust in one’s own psyche, body and being to take care of itself. Only YOU know within your own self what is right for you and that is based on what feels right.

I was vegan for one year and vegetarian for six and it did not make me anymore spiritual, healthier or happier. I did HIIT, weight/strength training and aerobic exercise for years too. None gave me the state of clarity and overall health that it promised. In fact, I was depressed, anxious and diagnosed with every mental illness that medical professionals could think of (I am not discounting veganism or any diet/exercise but this is from my own life experience. What I am saying is that Anything that works for you and brings you joy, do. You are only limited by your own belief in limitation).

What was the true cause I discovered? A disrespect and mistrust of my own judgment of life. I had no confidence in my thoughts, emotions and spirit to guide me in what I knew to be true.

People (parents, doctors, teachers, family, etc.) told me that I cannot be trusted on my own.. that I would end up hurting myself if I weren’t under some sort of thought out lifestyle whether it was a diet, a religious view or a career choice. After deciphering through all of the fear and misinformation however, the only thing that I knew for sure was that nothing exists apart from your own identification of it or awareness. So once I began to trust that where I was was exactly where I needed to be, I stopped caring about what others thought was best for me. We need to be our own best friend and stop taking circumstances and conditions as justification for what makes us happy. Nothing will make us truly happy besides our own alignment with who we truly are. We can search and search for the new way of health and wellbeing but it will never satisfy or fill the void that we have within our own heart. Stop depriving yourself of your own authenticity and embrace what you came here to do.

The old way is to believe in the 5 senses and that what IS around you is the only truth. The new way is to believe in what is known as causal of what is around you and that the only thing that is real is your projected view of this phenomenal world.  What is the secret to true well being? ACCEPTANCE OF WHERE YOU ARE AT. You think yourself into this body for you are energy before you are matter. Your body molds to what your spirit shapes you to be and you are creator of your own universe. Go ahead and look around you. Your perception will always keep you in the direct center of everything. What you continue to tell yourself becomes reality so choose what you say and become deliberate creator of the life that you want to experience.

I am an infinite, limitless being that completely trusts that I am in perfect health. I have faith in who I am and that I am guided in every instance. Things are always working out for me. I can eat whatever I want because I know that all is not separated from me. The only job that I have and that actually brings me into true health is listening to my being. I know that I am when I am happy and feel empowered. Everything is energy and from source, therefore all is connected and I am able to do anything that I wish. All is love and I am never wrong in my choices. I love myself, my mind, heart and body. I accept myself in the here and now and when things feel difficult, I know it is because I am thinking or believing in something that is not in alignment with who I am.

How does it feel to know that you are perfect exactly as you are and nothing can limit you from feeling into yourself? You are just one belief system away from attaining the perfect life that you have always dreamt of. I am just here to remind you of that.

I thank you for taking the time to read this!



Winter rain, now tell me why, Summers fade, and roses die.
The answer came; the wind and rain.
Golden hills, now veiled in grey, Summer leaves have blown away
Now what remains? The wind and rain.
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And like a desert spring, my lover comes and spreads her wings, Knowing,
Like a song that’s born to soar the sky, Flowing,
Flowing ’til the waters all are dry, Growing, the loving in her eyes.Circle songs and sands of time, and seasons will end in tumbled rhyme,
and little change, the wind and rain.

And like a desert spring, my lover comes and spreads her wings,
Knowing, Like a song that’s born to soar the sky,
Flowing, Flowing ’til the rivers all are dry, Growing, the loving in her eyes.

Winter grey and falling rain, we’ll see summer come again,
Darkness falls and seasons change (gonna happen every time).
Same old friends the wind and rain, Summers fade and roses die,
You’ll see summer come again, Like a song that’s born to soar the sky.

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Morning comes, she follows the path to the river shore
Lightly sung, her song is the latch on the morning’s door
See the sun sparkle in the reeds; silver beads pass into the sea

She comes from a town where they call her the woodcutter’s daughter
She’s brown as the bank where she kneels down to gather her water
And she bears it away with a love that the river has taught her
Let it flow, greatly flow, wide and clear

Round and round, the cut of the plow in the furrowed field
Seasons round, the bushels of corn and the barley meal
Broken ground, open and beckoning to the spring; black dirt live again

The plowman is broad as the back of the land he is sowing
As he dances the circular track of the plow ever knowing
That the work of his day measures more than the planting and growing
Let it grow, let it grow, greatly yield

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What shall we say, shall we call it by a name
As well to count the angels dancing on a pin
Water bright as the sky from which it came
And the name is on the earth that takes it in
We will not speak but stand inside the rain
And listen to the thunder shout
I am, I am, I am, I am

So it goes, we make what we made since the world began
Nothing more, the love of the women, work of men
Seasons round, creatures great and small, up and down, as we rise and fall

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Image result for Spirit Divine Energy

 Follow me now as I am you. We become one SPIRIT in MATTER.

Be reborn as I am so you are.


Beauty Defined and Broadened

What is beauty?

This intangible yet tangible quality of harmony, symmetry, balance, joy, excitement and connection to all that there is is defined in many different ways/levels of depth.

There is aesthetic beauty– an image of captured symmetry that brings about comparison and superficial understanding. It is in the observation of the art that causes judgment and by societal standards, it is hard to maintain. What i’ve come to realize about this level of beauty is that it is the outer reflection of the larger part that is within. It is chosen mask or garments of the soul and is in and of itself futile and fleeting. It does not stand alone and is no measure of true beauty. We forget that it is just an image and it then becomes idolatry which disconnects us from the reality of its impermanence. To idolize an image is to forget that it is an image and neglecting to refer images to their source is why we experience suffering. We must see the concealed significances within such appearances and unite the polarity within us everyday.

Beauty is a science or a conceptual understanding of the interconnectedness of us and our surroundings (psychologically, physically, emotionally and spiritually).

Scientia (latin): to know

I believe that knowledge, wisdom, the inconceivable qualities of nature and the mystery behind knowing and becoming ourselves is what drives beauty. It is this desire to know oneself and integrate it in a logical/rational story or experience that is at the center of why we are attracted to things. It is the inner workings of our mind that projects itself into a body to learn, teach, live, die and experience growth/expansion that gives us a framework for our personality. Everything is born from the internal and is spread outwardly into a distinctive creation or pattern. This is then shaped and given quality (the makings of our divine spiritual soul and innermost Being/Father) that gives us emotional comprehension. Then, this precipitates into physical material and time/space/earthy consciousness in order to be realized and actualized as rationality or the mind/body/spirit connection.

We draw on from our Divine Self what we call inspiration and creativity; this is a catalyst for the soul to work. We dive into the deep uncharted waters of subconsciousness (mother) to pull out light or conscious awareness (wisdom). We conjure of a thought given to us by us from the active principle (father) of creation and imbue it with the multicolored-ness of awareness. What I describe here is a new way of perceiving the world, a new way of becoming/thinking/imagining. We are so much more than what we sense.

This metaphysical love or wisdom/son (Chochma in Hebrew) is the way we draw upon our source (father/crown or Kether in Hebrew) for inspiration and comprehension/knowledge/understanding (mother/Bina in Hebrew) is the way that it becomes a cogent thought sequence. Brain activities are physiological clothes in which the soul expresses itself. The process of dressing is the mind.

Chochma deposits its seed into the womb of Bina— impregnating it with idea. This gives birth to our emotions and nurtures the point of inspiration, allowing it to mature to its appropriate expression in the world of consciousness where it is born into action. Range through elasticity and vigor through emotional energy! What we must do to uncover the beauty of our essence with our hearts is radical acceptance of where we are at and become enlightened or conscious of our own way of unfolding/thinking.  We must become deliberate creators or participants in creation and psychological evolution by shaping the direction of our own in streaming light. Every cause has its effect here and it is our responsibility to consciously contribute of the ideas/higher makings of the mind by allowing it to be. Make yourself into your own divine image. We define God/Source so speak your truth and express your own vision of the world that you want to see.


Tiphereth (hebrew): Beauty

It is the heart– the master of our body and connection to love or intelligent infinite energy. It is the birth place of the Human Soul where the God within us resides.

Beauty of language: connection between thought/mind and body/creation into a logical way of conceiving ourselves

Some terms to contemplate:

Apocalypse from apocalypsis (latin): “revelation” or “disclosure” and apokálypsis (greek): “uncover, disclose, reveal, unveil”

Religion from religare (latin): “to reunite”

Animal, animate, inanimate from animus/a (latin): “the mind, in a great variety of meanings: the rational soul in man, intellect, consciousness, will, intention, courage, spirit, sensibility, feeling, passion, pride, vehemence, wrath, etc., the breath, life, soul”

Yoga from yuj (sanskrit): to yoke or unite

Meditation as Beauty: 

To meditate is to become one with God/Source/Self/You. It means to STOP THINKING and thus get out of the awareness of body. One can be aware of his body and of material things only while, and because, one is thinking.
To concentrate is to think very hard and focus your thoughts to a point. To meditate is just the opposite it means to expand one’s thoughts into space until one stops thinking and steps into the still Light of KNOWING.
Thinking is sensing, and sensing is vibratory motion. Conversely, meditation is becoming still in order to talk with God. When I say talk with God I mean become inspired with His Light of all-knowing. One talks with God in timeless Light. Inspiration comes in flashes of still Light or invisible Light.
If you want to know anything whatsoever, just desire to know it, then stop thinking. Try to get into a state of universal ecstasy or inner joyousness, which is a state of consciousness like unto the God-Mind. Void your mind of thoughts, thought forms and ideas. Become perfectly blank insofar as idea and form are concerned.
In that manner, you become transformed from man as an individual unit of mankind, and become all Soul  or the universal Soul. In that manner you make the transition from the state of sensing some things materially to knowing all things cosmically.

All is One

Man must begin to the unitary principle of man knowing that there are not separate men or separate individuals, but that the whole man idea is one. He must know that all mankind is connected with every other part of mankind, all geared together by the one omnipresent Light of God which centers all as ONE and motivates all as ONE. Until man knows that separation from Self is impossible, even for one second, he does not begin to have knowledge. 
It has often been declared that the human mind could never comprehend God/Self/All Knowing Mind. That statement has been based upon the assumption that the reason we could never comprehend God is that our senses could not detect God.
It is true that we cannot see God but we can KNOW Him. And therein is the essence of New Age thinking. The next hundred years will see as great a spiritual advance in the culture of our civilization as it has seen physically during the past hundred years. That which we cannot see, we can KNOW. We can see the bodies of men but we cannot see man, for the supreme Being within man is invisible. He cannot be seen. He can only be known. For the same reason we cannot see God but we can know Him, and we can know the nature of God by knowing His laws and creative processes.
When we know the nature of God sufficiently to reflect His nature in us, we become God to the extent of our ability to reflect His nature in us. By knowing the secret of Light, we will know the mystery of life and death, of reincarnation, of matter and space, and the relationship of suns to planets.
The more we know the Light, the more we shall realize our purpose in manifesting that Light gloriously. Every moment of life in the Light is a moment glorification in the awareness of our omnipotence in manifesting the Light.
Every point in it is his highest point. He lives gloriously and fully every moment of his life, whether conducting an orchestra or peeling an orange.
That is what we must do when we fully know the purposefulness of life.. live it gloriously by living it ecstatically. We can live it ecstatically only as we know the ecstatic nature of God and become like Him through being continually inspired by communion with Him. To become like Him, we must become aware of our identity with Him. We must know Him as Creator of all that is, and in so doing know ourselves as creator of all that is.
-Walter Russell
We Define God
God is Light. And God is Love. And God is inexorable Law. God is the invisible, motionless, sexless, undivided and unconditioned White Magnetic Light of Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent Mind. In all this universe of countless many things there is but One Light–which is Mind of God–and the two extended lights of His thinking, which His imagining created to manifest His Being in seeming action. There is naught else in all Nature than God’s knowing Mind at rest and the motion of Mind-thinking. God’s knowing is Magnetic. God’s thinking is electric. God has but one IDEA, one DESIRE, one PURPOSE, one ACTION and one LAW. His one idea is His unity in Father-Mother Love. His one desire is to think action, and rest from action, in sequential intervals. His one purpose is to think His knowing of what He IS, and what He KNOWS, into His own image. His one action is to give.His one law is that what He gives must be balanced by equal regiving. His Law of Balance is the law of Love upon which His universe is founded, for God is Love–and the universe must reflect His image.
God’s Magnetic Light universe is at rest. It is balanced. God’s electric universe must, likewise, be balanced in its rest, its actions, and in its givings and regivings. God’s One Law of Balance must be as inexorably obeyed as that part of it which is known as gravity, must be inexorably obeyed. To think what He IS, and what He KNOWS, into imaged-forms to manifest Him by motion, God divides His still Magnetic Light into electric mate pairs. He extends these pairs which He has divided, to two measured Magnetic foci which He, likewise, extends to balance this division, and multiplies their power of control over action to manifest His Omnipotence in the ratio of their extension. The two Magnetic foci, which are Magnetic poles in man’s knowing, are extended from His fulcrum stillness, along wave paths of His eternal stillness, to control their manifestation of His imaginings from within all creating bodies, and to balance their separateness from without. He, likewise, divides His Omnipresence by centering every particle of creating matter in His whole limitless universe with the still Light of His own PRESENCE. From each center where He thus stands, He reaches out his right arm to one pole, and His left arm to the other one, to form a shaft around which each separate unit of all Creation must move to manifest the cycles of His thinking. In this manner each Mind-centered body in all Creation has at its command, and as its inheritance, all-power and all-knowledge to draw upon in the measure of man’s desire, and in the measure of the awareness of God’s centering Presence within each unit.
Aeons pass before aught but sensation–then instinct–makes bodies aware of the centering Light of that Divine Presence. Long ages pass before thinking and knowing transcend sensation and instinct. When thinking begins, knowing also begins. More long ages pass before God’s ultimate Creation–MAN–knows of his divinity through full comprehension of the whisperings of the Inner Silent Voice which forever says to him: “What I am you also are.”
God, the One Knower, becomes three by His imagining. The still Light of the Knower, and the moving lights of His thinking, are the Trinity which God is in all things in this universe. God, the One Father-Mother divides His sexlessness to extend father and mother bodies from His Oneness. The one desire of these separated male and female particles, or masses, is to unite to void their separateness. Upon this formula God’s electric universe of motion is founded. The sexless Father-Mother Creator is One.
His extended sex-conditioned, male and female bodies are the completion of His Trinity. Rest and action are three. Space and matter are three. Equilibrium and motion are three. Dimensions and pressures are three. The heartbeat of the universe, and yours, are three. Likewise, its breathings and yours, its temperatures and yours, and all things else of the universe, and you, are three. The swinging of the pendulum is three, as the spectrum and the fulcrum and lever, also, are three. The cathode is one–but its extended pairs of anodes in the electric current of man, and of space, adds up to three. Silence is one–but sound springs from silence when its divided moving pair collide–so sound is three, and its vibrations in sequences of rest and action, are also three. God is ONE in all CAUSE–but in all EFFECT He is three. And all that are three are nine–for all that are three are multiplied by three in this visible cube dominated universe of three dimensions. God decentrates His electric thinking to imagine idea. He then concentrates to form a moving body-image of idea. Mind-decentration, magnetism, expansion, knowing, fission, receptive, concavity, feminine expression, death, centrifugation, electrical-depolarization are one. Mind-concentration and electrical compression are, likewise, one. Genero-activity, life, active, masculine expression, convexity, centripetality, thinking, focusing, fusion, compression and polarization are also one. They constitute the life principle. Radioactivity, expansion and depolarization are one. They constitute the death principle. Man’s Mind and God’s Mind are ONE.
Man’s thinking and God’s thinking are ONE. Man decentrates to conceive idea and concentrates to create a body in the image of his idea, exactly as God does. God’s thinking is electrically expressed by extension from a point of rest in space to a compressed point of rest in matter. It then electrically expands to a point of rest in space to disappear into its Source. This is God’s way of dividing rest with action. It is also man’s way during all of his brief cycles–but when the rest interval for the longest cycle comes he calls it death and the end, for man does not yet know that God’s ways, and man’s, are ONE. Nor does he yet know that he cannot die. Man charges his batteries that way to give them life. He discharges them to void their life–then recharges them. All bodies are batteries. Growing bodies are charging batteries. Nature’s bodies are charged batteries. Discharging batteries are dying batteries. Discharged batteries are like unto dead bodies. There is no life in them because there is no motion. Nature forever recharges her bodies– beginning her charging in their seed and discharging back to seed. Life is motion. Death is rest. Each is fulcrum of the other. There is no death in Nature, save man’s belief in death.
God’s Magnetic Light is eternal life. God’s thinking is eternal life in action, divided by rest. Life in matter is but a pulsing simulation of eternal Life in God–the ONE. God’s thinking is universal. His actions spring from His thinking, therefore, God’s actions are universal. Thoughts do not take place just here, or there, where they begin. They are everywhere, and their beginning and ending are one. Actions, likewise, are as Omnipresent as their Source in Mind-thinking. That which happens anywhere happens everywhere in this universe of naught but. Mind-extension. Idea has no extension, but idea, divided by imagining, extends into an imaged infinity, and repeats its divisions like unto the infinity which the kaleidoscope repeats, and multiplies its imaginings as it repeats.
When God thinks at any one point of rest in His universe, that point becomes the center of an invisible cube of White Magnetic Light. From there it is harmonically repeated as cube centers throughout His Cosmic Kaleidoscope, at the rate of several hundred billions of cyclic pulsations every second. Their speed of extension into this three dimensional illusion is about 186,400 miles per second. Radical expansion of beginning points compress motion into cube planes of rest in space. These are reflecting mirrors of Magnetic Light which project God’s thought-imaged forms onto His universal screen of space to simulate a reality of existence where not anything is, not even the motion which so convincingly seems to be there. Invisible cubes of Magnetic Light, and of zero curvature, are the boundings of wave-fields within which the curved universe of reflected spherical forms are projected to constitute this electric thought-wave universe of complex illusion. God begins each electric thought-wave at a point of His White Light at the intersection of the three inner planes of the cube, which are at right angles to each other. This point of beginning is the wave fulcrum. It is also the point of idea-conception in Mind. It is the centering eye of the inert gas of the elements which springs from that plane. It is, likewise, the cathode center of man’s electric current and the beginning of the wave-shaft which extends two ways to divide the red half of the spectrum from the blue, to create separated father and mother bodies.
Here also is where time and all other dimensions begin, as well as all other effects, such as life, compression, polarization and heat. Here also is where all depolarizing dimensions and effects. Cells, glands, white or red corpuscles, hormones and other parts of bodies, must fulfill their purposes. In themselves they are helpless to move or act their parts in Nature’s plan. Each part and each whole of all cell groups is centered by the Intelligence which centers the whole structure, whether ant, violet or man. Every creating particle of matter in the universe is a polarized Mind extension. When each particle disappears to rest for each pulsation interval it withdraws within that Intelligence from which it extended as a patterned form of idea. Man is the consummate image of God’s imagining, just as carbon is the consummate element. It is not a part of God’s intent that carbon should have inner awareness of its divine origin and identity, but it is intended that man should have.
Mind and Soul centers every carbon crystal, nevertheless, or it could not fulfill its purpose as part of the patterned body of tree or man. In all this vast universe there is naught but Mind and thought-motion. All motion is but an electric recording of the Mind-thought which centers it. It is also the record of the idea it simulates. In the idea is purpose of idea. In the electric recording, therefore, the mechanics of idea, thought and purposefulness are lodged, otherwise The Creator could not create. God’s universe is living, and is purposeful. Wherever there is motion, there also is God commanding His thought-forms to fulfill their purposes. Know thou that God does not extend His Self into his moving universe, for the God-Light is still. Its stillness centers all things –and it, likewise, centers the shafts of all motion which turns around it, shafts which are levers of fulcrums and end at poles which measure extensions. Naught exists but God. Man exists as ONE with God, but until he is aware of his Oneness he is but a thought-recording image of God’s imagining. Some day he will know, however, for that is God’s intent in creating Man. Know thou, therefore, that motion merely simulates God’s knowing, and God’s qualities, and the purposefulness of His divine drama of Creation. Simulations are not reality, however, nor do they exist. Imaginings come and go. They change and have dimension. God’s imaginings are not God, however. The play cannot be the Playwright.
When God, the Father-Mother, divided the Light of His sexless Oneness into the red light of the father, and the blue light of the mother, He ordained that the father light must penetrate the light of the mother, and be forever within her womb to live, and without her womb to die. Thus it is that the red fires which center our father of earth, lie enfolded within the blue coolness of earth’s crust, and the cooling blue oceans and atmosphere of the encircling mother womb. Thus it is that the compression of the mother womb generates heat to polarize and vitalize the father seed of life which is enfolded in that womb.
That process of sex interchange between the blue and the red lights which beget life, continues to beget life to give back to its Source until the mother can no longer compress life into the father, and the father can no longer discharge heat into the mother to continue to beget father and mother bodies. When this has come to pass both expand. The earth emerged from the surrounding womb of the sun to cool and thus beget a father within her pregnant womb, to continue God’s one process of creating bodies until both father and mother slowly depolarize by expansion of both, and both continue their journey into the Magnetic cold from which they emerged. Mother and father reverse their spectrum positions, however. The womb of the mother is on the inside and the father surrounds it by a ring, such as one sees in the Lyra Nebula. One can also see the birth of a new star in the very center of that great black cathode hole which the mother womb is.
That is the way that God turns the anodes of His thinking inside out to rest, and outside in to again become anodes. God’s process of creating bodies through sex interchange is based upon the sex urge of the divided color spectrum of light to void its color divisions and become the White Light of rest from which its tensions were extended. God is ONE–at eternal rest. Creation is TWO in the perpetual tensions of motion. The divided two in action desire rest in Oneness. They find rest by interchange, but lose it as they find it until they can interchange no more. A long interval of rest in “death” then follows but it is only an interval. It is just one black gap of the many rests between actions of God’s Cosmic cinema, which simulates the Idea of Creation which He has imagined into seeming being. Life in Mind is eternally existent. Life in matter eternally repeats its simulations of existence. -Atomic Suicide

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Matter as a State of Being

Imagination, matter, love, emotion, thought, time, space, energy, consciousness, relativity, questions, language, vibration, identity, physics, metaphysics, music, art, philosophy, math, chemistry, synchronicity, religion, soul, spirit, teaching, ethics/morals, laws, learning, reincarnation, memory, sleep, astrology, enlightenment, heaven/hell, mind, body, harmony, theory, reality, truth, logic, concept, birth, death, existence, motion, silence. All ends and begins in mystery and most do not begin to question where the heck it all comes from or what it all means anyway.

First, I am here to tell you that you are exactly where you are supposed to be and if you are reading this, it means you have deeply contemplated one or more of those topics stated and are on the leading edge of learning/understanding more. Everything I write is from my own subjective experience so take whatever that you feel is of importance and of your joy and move forward in your life with that.

Projected by our own awareness/consciousness, we live in two worlds (you’ll see it is really as 3) simultaneously: the world we see but cannot know (WHAT IS/perceptual reality) and the world we know but cannot see (WHAT LEARNS/TEACHES/causal reality). The former is this sensed projected universe of motion and form/matter. Everything is compressed here, electric, alive and is what appears to be “energy” or a spiral motion of something undetected by our 5 sensing apparatuses. This is the realm of effect and symptom, of reaction and a state of unfolding. It is the cosmic cinema created by us and for us to have an experience of knowing ourselves in space and in time. I’ve never been so much concerned with this– it blinds us and causes us to fall asleep in such a way that we believe we are only the body and that we are not responsible for what happens through us or (what some argue as) “to” us. This place comes with a state of awareness that is what I call grey matter/superficial world of what is. This state of being is like living unconsciously and mechanically; it is reactive and impulsive to what it sees and believes it is separated from everything else. Many call this EGO mind but it is the first step in the making of the SELF.

On my journey, I have never settled for this grey/peripheral experience. I felt I didn’t belong there and that there had to be more. I mean it is the will or right of every individual being to choose how they wish to see the world but for me, I desired to know more about the unseen realm of consciousness.

So take everything that I just said about grey matter and chuck it out the window. It is NOT really true. What I’ve discovered about the EGO mind is actually so much more than what we define it to be. Grey is the cloak/veil that the truth wears. I jump around a lot so try to follow me here knowing that I am challenging the concept of what I introduced as a false sense of reality. Okay let’s continue…

The latter world (the one we know but cannot see) is what is CONSTANT and is the realm of thought and understanding. It is where our inspiration comes from and returns to. This is a place of stillness and sprung from this void or stillness is EVERYTHING and I mean it: every thought, feeling, action/reaction comes from this larger place of endless expansion and consciousness. It is where we feel our true selves are as observers, interpreters, imaginers and creators. It is sharing and where we feel unity and love as circumstance and as an interconnected state of being. This is our SUPER conscious state and is actually the same for every single atom in the universe. That is why we can go outside and look around and we perceive ourselves as  the center of everything. It is this microcosm (molecules, atoms, quantum world) and macrocosm (outer space/stars) that meets where we are all of the time (the body/our eyes/senses).This superconscious/universal Mind that thought/imagined everything into existence is the Creator and is what is always seeking to know more about itself through the eyes of its Creation/Us/Grey Matter. This is a state of what we FEEL and what we are reaching towards. I repeat: It is the desire to know oneself as creator of reality. I call this White Matter. It is the spirit of my spirit, the being of my being, where I intend to go/be, the purpose of my existence, the angel/father of my soul, is the YANG. It is the light that an electron gives off when it jumps from one state of energy to the next. This masculine or active principle of existence keeps us all in constant check and gives us a direction. It is the light that we imagine at the end of the tunnel. It is pure love/Christ consciousness or bodhichitta but as a state a being, it is unfolding and is more of an intangible goal of logoic energy or Higher Mind (intuition). When we allow this White Matter in, we can start to expand our perceptual horizon into a distinct direction which is all that we crave/long for within each other. Let me tell you that White Matter/Father of Us is CALLING YOU TO REMEMBER ITS PRESENCE ALL DAY EVERYDAY THROUGH YOUR EMOTIONS!

Digging a little deeper, I have experienced love from my very self and this acceptance of myself as creator of my reality. But where does this end? Can it? Of course not! We are in a continuous loop of unfolding, learning, growing, expanding. It is a curved universe of knowing itself again I repeat all we want is to know more about who we are by creating ourselves in an authentic way. One is all and all is one! That is why it appears to us as if the universe is expanding.. it is always learning, desiring and knowing more about itself through grey matter/form.

Last but not least, the real player of this game we call life is death:

What is the holder of all of the experience? Death/LOVE/Mother Principle of this State of Being which I call Black Matter. It is our subconscious mind and receives everything that we sense. It is where we are from, the chemistry, the mystery, the force that holds all things together, is law, is will power, is YIN, is our Mental/Emotional State. It is the WOMB that our Super conscious mind/Father wishes to penetrate with His Light to give birth to the Son or Consciousness in the Flesh.

Our Creator/Enabler of this whole play is mentally desiring to reconnect with itself, to give birth to a new Being of Divinity and Perfected Form. We have everything that we need within us and it is up to our choices in this very moment to just let go of the idea of separation and to seek the Unity that All Things Seek! But the secret is… you are already found and are already completely incomplete. Accept this about yourself, care more about how you feel then what is/circumstance and you will start to see the Universe reflect back to you the state of knowing that you are anyway. When matter and energy are not seen as being separated but are ONE, balanced, unique, authentic, stream of conscious love/light/wisdom then we live/die in simultaneity and it is freakin awesome!yin-yang428bWELCOME! NAMASTE. I AM ANOTHER YOURSELF. Please share your thoughts with me.


Quick message from the jungle…

A Journey - single moments combined.

Ups and downs are part of life and they feel bigger when you can’t distract yourself like you do in the city. Everything is under a magnifying glass and I become the observer of myself. This happens to an extend, that I said to someone the other day that we receive love and gratitude within ourselves… to give to ourselves and to others. Therefore I’m not identifying with that bit of myself where those feelings arise. Of course this is all work in progress but this was new. I did have started letting go of identifying with my thoughts and then with my emotions as well… and now I realised how I could not identify with where the feelings come from. I know it is all part of ‘me/Lena’. But at the same time it is not. It’s only borrowed like the body is. It is only streaming through… creating…

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